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Why own a Ragdoll?

The Ragdoll is possibly the most laid back of all the domestic cat breeds. They are basically content and undemanding and tolerate most situations. They have an extremely gentle and relaxed nature, and make loyal and devoted pets.

Do you know how Ragdolls got their name? A unique thing occurs when you lift every single Ragdoll in the world – its back legs become completely limp. And unlike other domestic felines, these cats actually enjoy being held at all times! If you place them on their back they will lay there in a floppy state – other cats don’t like this and become stiff while trying to turn over.

The ragdoll cat is extremely relaxed and laid back giving the floppy ragdoll impression. The broad head has a flat top and is wide between the ears. The ears are medium sized and tilted slightly forward and are rounded at the tip.


The eyes are large, slightly obliquely set and wide apart. The eyes are deep blue. The body is long and muscular with a broad chest and short neck. The legs are substantially boned and are medium in length. The paws are large round and tufted. The tail tapers slightly toward the tip and is long and bushy. When taken along the side of the cat the tail should reach at least to the shoulder. Ragdolls do not mature until about three or four years old.

You may be selecting a Ragdoll due to its loving, docile, friendly nature. These are the key reasons why you should keep your new family member inside. They are so trusting and friendly they are often stolen and they simply do not know how to defend themselves against predators. Responsible cat owners do not let their cats outside as they pose a risk to natural wildlife. Our cats do not go outside except in our purpose build cat enclosure. 


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