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About May-Rosa Ragdolls

My name is Yvette, and with my family we are a small registered hobby breeder of exquisite ragdoll kittens. We raise our kittens in our home, so they are well socialised and are familiar with all the day-to-day sounds and smells of a family home. 

For as long as I can remember my family has included one or more cats. My grandmother was a successful renowned registered breeder of pedigree siamese cats so key memories of my childhood are the enjoyment and happiness that kittens can bring to your day. 

Throughout my working life, travels and experience as a mum I have harbored a dream of breeding pedigree ragdolls. I have had several long hair cats and knew that a long hair was what I wanted so I started researching and asking questions. Ragdolls became an obvious choice due to their friendly, funny and playful, lovable nature and with the added bonus that they are relatively low maintenance, needing just a light brush to keep their gorgeous fur soft and silky. 

My dream started when I turned 50 and my husband and teenage twins purchased me my first ragdoll cat. A wonderful surprise,that led to me quickly researching my new hobby. My mother and sister supported my dream and I placed the deposit for my first queen after a trip to Melbourne. May-Rosa Ragdolls is named after my grandmother and my mother who both played a role in inspiring my dream. Now that my dream is becoming a reality, I am overjoyed and am keen to grow my fur family and yours. 

May-Rosa Ragdoll kittens are raised in our home as part of our family for the first twelve weeks of their life, rather than in an outdoor cattery. This ensures they are well socialised and familiar with the usual household sights, smells and sounds. Our aim is to create exquisite kittens that will be your perfect family pet. 

May-Rosa Ragdolls is a Registered Breeder and follow the ANCATS Registration Rules to ensure you get the best Ragdoll kitten. ANCAT #14386

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