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Our Queens 


Our first breeding queen Mishka was hand selected during a trip to Melbourne. She was born on 15.11.2017. Her registered number is 18GC29750 and she is a stunning Seal Bi-Colour.

She has proven to be an amazing, attentive and protective mum.

When not laying with the kittens she will be found relaxing in eyeshot so she can see everything they are getting into.

On the day the kittens were being vet checked, microchipped and vaccinated - their first adventure away from the house. We came home to find her sitting outside their room with a range of toys at her paws which she had carried to them upstairs from their play area to the room they sleep in at night! She was obviously concerned about them! A mums love is endless!

We are super excited to add Mishka's kitten - May - as our new breeding queen. May is a very special girl - our first female and is named after my grandmother who also bred cats. May is ever so sweet and holds a special place in my heart. May had her first litter in October 2020 and was the most caring gentle mum. She too would bring toys to them to play with ... even when they were asleep!


Sapphire Rosa


We are excited to introduce Sapphire Rosa. After a long search we have found the perfect girl to join our breeding program. A perfectly marked blue bi-colour with the most stunning sapphire blue eyes and she comes from imported Polish lines. She has quickly become a part of our family and has the most loving affectionate nature. We can’t wait to see what beautiful babies she has but in the meantime she will be having lots of fun and already loves playing with bubbles and balls. Welcome Sapphire! >^•^<

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