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We have new kittens due in the coming months ... check out our FaceBook page for up to date info

Our Current Kittens

Mishka's first pedigree litter was born on 27th January 2020. 

She had four beautiful babies - 3 boys (pictured) and one girl who we will keep as our next breeding queen.

Two are seal bi colour - just like their mum and the other is a blue bicolour just like dad.

As it comes into the colder months the queens do not come into 'season’ so its a nice time for a well deserved break!

Our breeding program -Each of our queens will have one litter before Christmas and another around Easter each year.


The things a breeder will ask should include - general information about you and your family

- why you want a ragdoll?

- have you owned cats before or is it your first time?

- what other pets you have?

- if you have a safe secure home for a Ragdoll (Ragdolls can be befriended easily so they should be kept inside) 

If you would like to register your interest and reserve a kitten or be notified when a new bundle of joy arrives,  please fill in the registration form below.


Thanks for registering your interest!

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